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LetterboxDistribution -your post is our business

LetterboxDistribution is a nationally operating mail and box delivery services provider in Finland. Our company offering the complete range of distribution services. By combining unique distribution knowledge and sophisticated in-house targeting systems we  can advise, plan and distribute the most effective schedule possible throughout Finland.

LetterboxDistribution is well established in the biggest cities Finland and currently reaches a total of 1,0 million households and companies. Our aim is to become the industry benchmark for quality of service, efficiency and customer service, for producing the best returns in the industry, and for making optimal use of both new technologies and postal market liberalisation.

LetterboxMedia -reach everyone in your neighborhood

LetterboxMedia is a publisher for free tabloid-sized local publications in greater Helsinki area.
We have total 26 different papers. LetterboxMedia is an independent publisher.

One papers average print run is 10000-15000 copies and according
to our readership surveys, we have more than 10000 readers for each paper.
For more information please look ”Our local newspapers”.

As an independently owned company, we have no affiliation to any other group.

For more information please contact our sales team myynti@letterbox.fi

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